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The company was founded in 1998, with a very humble beginning, with many years of experience in the sector. Young and dynamic, its philosophy is to continuously overcome the growing expectations of customers. Over time, Re.Ma.Plast expands by taking the necessary steps to consolidate its position in the national market with the introduction of superior quality products, improvements and investments in new technologies as well as improvements in production processes in order to improve quality, service, productivity and to reduce delivery times, considering that only by exceeding customer expectations can we be satisfied. Since 2008, the company has concentrated its efforts on the production of eco-sustainable films with the use of biopolymers with R & D for the sampling of films and compostable bags, thus achieving, today, an industrial scale production with about 30% of its production dedicated to this sector whose demand is driven, above all, by biodegradable shopping bags. Today the Re.Ma.Plast is able to supply both the film and the Bioshoppers especially for the national GDO market.

Our belief is that "tradition and modernity can go side by side" giving value to long-term relationships and, at the same time, being enthusiastic about making our own even the most modern values of innovation and efficiency.

"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid.The men are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and intelligent, and the two are an incalculable force."
-Albert Einstein

Wide range of products for packaging and bags

Re.Ma.Plast Srl offers a very wide range of films for industrial packaging in PLT, HD and Biodegradable that guarantee maximum resistance with excellent mechanical properties.

Some examples

  • Heat shrink films for bundling
  • Films for industrial packaging
  • Tubular film for pallet covers
  • Micro-perforated film for laundries
  • HD films with very thin layers for coupling
  • Film for publishing
  • HD and BD bags for general uses
  • Custom biodegradable shopping bags

 The gradual growth of the company and the targeted investments, oriented to the quality of the products and services offered, make Re.Ma.Plast the first goal of customer satisfaction, while providing all the pre and post sales needs.

Innovation or revolution?

In fact, both plants are “industry 4.o ready”, that is, integrated with some new production technologies to improve working conditions and increase productivity and production quality of plants, such as automation, interconnection, creating collaboration between operator, machines and tools!

Our production departments

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Re.Ma.Plast has 12 modern and technologically advanced extrusion lines, including 3 multi-layer, barrier-effect co-extrusion plants, able to satisfy any type of requirement and create a multiple variety of products and to be protagonists in a constantly evolving market.

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Re.Ma.Plast has flexo printing machines with printing capabilities with digital support for up to 8 colors, both in line and in four colors, in addition, continuous printing systems directly in the extrusion line.

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The welding and cutting department is equipped with high-speed welding machines for shopper cutting for medium and large distribution, and open-mouth generic bags plus a line for large size bags and hoods.

All the initiatives and news of our company!

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