Biodegradable bags

Shopper bags to remove compostable biodegradable goods compliant with the law UNI EN 13432

  • Biodegradable Compostables
  • Customizable up to 8 colors
  • Re-usable for the collection of wet-organic waste
  • Various formats.
Leaf coil HR7 coex 3 layers

Thermo-shrinkable coex foil with and without micro-perforations in sizes on request, possibility of customization with company logo, 12my thickness, produced with non-toxic material in compliance with European directive 94/62 / EC on the reduction of plastic packaging. Product obtained with a blend of highly innovative polymers. This product has been studied to obtain both economic and environmental advantages: 

  • Material consumption reduction of 50%
  • 50% economic reduction
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions into the environment
  • Reduction of downtime due to its “not stick” property
  • Reduction of welding time improving the machine speed
  • Reduction of oven heat-shrinking temperatures

Product complying with the UNI EN 13432 standard

Film for bundling

Shrink film for bundling, produced with blown technology in monoextrusion or coextrusion up to 3 layers ideal for packaging multi-packs.

  • Coex with 3 layer barrier effect
  • Non-toxic recyclable material
  • Thermoforming for the tightening of multi-pack products
  • Can be used for packaging PET, glass, cans and beverage bottles.

Coil packing

Semi-finished coils

Tubular film with coils in virgin non-toxic material in high and low density, neutral or colored or, on request, in Biodegradable material

  • Coex coils with a 3 layer barrier effect
  • Neutral or colored coils with a wide range of colors
  • High density, Low density, Bioplastic
  • With or without corona treatment
  • Measurements from min. 200mm. at 2500mm. with thicknesses on request.
  • Flat or blown tubular coils; monopiega; leaf; double leaf; with flap.
Film for publishing

High density leaf film for packaging and laminated

  • Coex with 3 layer barrier effect
  • Non-toxic recyclable material
  • Great resistance and very thin thicknesses
  • Possibility of continuous marking



iso 9001

iso 9001

iso 9001


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