La Re.Ma.Plast present at CIBUS 2018 in Parma

La Re.Ma.Plast present at CIBUS 2018 in Parma

La Re.Ma.Plast at the 19th INTERNATIONAL FOOD EXHIBITION held in Parma from 7 to 10 May 2108. Among the themes of this year the discussion on what we will eat in 2038? And how will you characterize the
packaging of food products in the near future? From here the reflection on the
consumption and consumers. It will be necessary to win new taboos to make room for food tables
new and alternative, from novel Food to jellyfish, from algae to insects (already consumed by
more than two million people).
Communication must also take these into account
evolutions, also working on more Smart packaging (ie easy to use, rechargeable and
speaking). Moreover, green, technology and new values are among the main macro-trends of the
future. Focus on the targets yet to be known and understand how the Centennials and the best known
Millennials. The Re.Ma.Plast for its part, is proposed as a champion against the spread of bags and packaging out of the norm and not compliant with the regulations in force on the subject of ecological and compostable packaging.



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