Green Policy

La Re.Ma.Plast and the environment

“Sustainable development” is the most important issue for our planet. Our company aims to remain at the forefront of efforts to achieve this goal in environmental, economic and social terms.

The commitment is to make our contribution to “sustainable development” achieving a high environmental quality in products, services and business activities. Activities are underway to improve the “environmental quality” in all company activities, in compliance with our environmental policy, the Green Policy of Re.Ma.Plast

“Nature challenges us to be supportive and attentive to the protection of creation, also to prevent, as far as possible, the most serious consequences.”

We are taking the following actions to try to reduce
responsibly our impact on the environment,
wherever it is reasonable, through:

  • R & D in biodegradable and compostable ecological films
  • Investments in machinery with inverter technology
  • Use of low consumption LED lamps
  • Own production of photovoltaic energy
  • Use of recycled paper for office use and two-sided printing
  • Our efforts are pursued in all company activities
  •  Reduction of chemicals to reduce environmental risks
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory provisions

Composable Biodegadable Film and our green initiatives!

La Re.Ma.Plast S.r.l. since 2008, sensitive to environmental problems, it focuses on the use of eco-sustainable bioplastics for the production of Biodegradable films and bags. All the materials used are certified by national and European bodies and compliant with the European standards UNI EN 13432. The characteristics of these films are very similar to the traditional ones but, at the same time, Biodegradable and Compostable not deriving from oil but from technologies deriving from processing of cellulose, starches and vegetable oils, thus reducing the environmental impact. Today, around 30% of our total production is dedicated to this sector with the creation of Bioshopper bags for large retailers. Not only bags but also in other sectors, such as that of industrial laundries, our commitment to producing environmentally sustainable products, such as the HR7 leaf, a 3-layer coex plastic film, compliant with European standard UNI7315 with min. of 12my with the economic-environmental advantage of a reduction in material consumption of 50% and a reduced intake of CO2 in the environment. Also in this sector we are producing an innovative shrink film, called Biorema, slightly thicker, but totally biodegradable and compostable in compliance with the UNI EN 13432 standard presented at the international fair TEXCARE 2016, dedicated to the industrial laundry sector, held in Frankfurt. All the remaining non-biodegradable production is produced with virgin non-toxic and totally recyclable material. In 2015 another economic effort, Re.Ma.Plast, uses it to replace the entire lighting system of the company’s production areas with the newest LED light devices with a 50% reduction in electricity and, for the installation of photovoltaic panels on almost the entire roof area of ​​the sheds allowing the company to self-produce a good part of the energy consumed. Other initiatives, such as weighing the purchases of new machinery using green technologies such as inverters or new eco-friendly technologies. Zero emission of water or air, all the air introduced into the outside is channeled and purified with an activated carbon filter system and monitored periodically. We are also green in small daily gestures such as the use of recycled paper for office use and the good habit of printing the bare necessities in front / back. Last but not least, the active collaboration with LEGAMBIENTE in supporting the proposed initiatives such as “Puliamo il mondo” and collaboration with local schools with initiatives to raise awareness among young students about their involvement in environmental issues concerning recycling and differentiation.

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