Re.Ma.Plast at Frankfurt International Texcare 2016


The Re.Ma.Plast launches at Texcare International, an international reference fair dedicated to the innovative care of textiles, held in Frankfurt from 11 to 15 June 2016, a new film in bioplastic for the industrial laundry sector: reduced thickness and fine finish eco-compatible life. After revolutionizing the industrial laundry market with a shrink film of only 13 micron thick, Coex HR four years ago, against 30-35 micron conventional film, RE.MA.Plast presented a biodegradable version at Texcare in Frankfurt and compostable of the films used to pack clean linen, such as sheets and towels for hotels, hospitals and restaurants.
LOW THICKNESS. In this case the thickness is slightly higher, equal to 15 microns: “more than anything else to reassure potential customers, since it is a bioplastic film. At the Fair this product has attracted a strong interest from operators in the sector, especially from France, Dubai and other countries where interest is growing towards more environmentally sustainable linen packaging systems. In France we are working on projects for the replacement of polyethylene with bioplastics in flexible packaging “.
BASED ON STARCH. The rigid and transparent film is produced with Biorema, the starch and polyester based compound developed by the company for a variety of uses, ranging from packaging films to shopping bags and wet collection, suitable for industrial composting at the end of its life, as also certified by Vincotte under the brand name “OK Compost”. Another field of use for biofilm is the packaging of single-use cup sticks for catering and catering. On this basis Re.Ma.Plast is also developing the segment of transparent windows for paper bags used to make bread and other bakery products, now made of polypropylene “



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